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Merrell Siren Sport Olive Shoes


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Style Reviews


Librarian from Providence, RI

I was looking for a pair of shoes to take the place of my beloved Merrell Water-Pro Ultras -- the most comfortable and "attractive" daily use shoes on the planet. I wore out three pairs, and now they are no longer available. I wanted my new shoes to be lightweight, comfortable, cool (temperature) and attractive. I would be wearing them daily, and expected to take them with me this summer to Europe, where I'll be doing a lot of walking. The Siren Sports looked as if they might fit the bill -- nice color (gray with a bit of unobtrusive yellow), lots of mesh, and an attractive design.

The shoes are not nearly as light and airy as I expected from the picture and description. Don't be fooled by all the mesh in the illustration -- mesh is actually *lined*, so it isn't "breathable". In fact the nylon (rayon?) lining seems to have a tendency to fray, which doesn't bode well for the future. I'm wondering if they'll actually be cool this summer. The shoes are quite stiff and the sole is rather heavy. They feel *sturdy*, not light and flexible. The toe box is not as roomy as that of the Water-Pro Ultras. Although my feet are are not narrow, I usually wear medium shoes without difficulty. These are a little tight across the toes. I've been breaking them in, but it's taking some time. They have not been completely comfortable from the moment I put them on, as the Water-Pros were.

The shoes are good-looking (in my opinion), but that is a secondary consideration to comfort. I am keeping the shoes, and I will probably wear them on my trip and use them at work later in the year, but I won't be buying another pair. I'll still be searching for a suitable replacement for those Water-Pros.

Deedge from Albuquerque, NM

High arch feels comfortable in these shoes. I wear orthotics and these shoes accommodate them nicely. My feet do not hurt when I wear Merrells, so I wear them all the time. Thank you for a good shoe. I like the black/grey with touch of lavendar.

Maggie from VA

Love these Merrell hikers. I tried the Gortex version, but had to return them as they were not as comfortable. I usually buy one new pair a yr and use the old ones 4 gardening.

Katy the Dog Walker from Pacific Grove, CA

Loved the look of these shoes and they made my feet look smaller, but the toebox was too low and narrow for me. I have wide feet and hate a tight fit around my toes. I ended up keeping the Ventilator instead.

Theresa from Montgomery TX

This is my 4th pair of this shoe. I wear it everywhere. It is the only shoe I could wear while struggling with plantar fascitis. I continue to wear it and have shared it with others with this situation.

Trish from Maryland

I'm a walker with arthritic feet. I need a comfortable shoe with support and a sole that is on the stiff side. These are it.... I've been wearing them for 5 years hoping the style and cut doesn't change! I always order a 1/2 size larger in this shoe. I seem to have to do this in all Merrell walking shoes.

Country Carol from glorieta, nm

Love the purple trim and sticky soles. Perfect for walking around, shopping, look good with jeans. Merrell's fit me perfectly and I have several different pair. These shoes are not for cold or rainy weather, but that's OK. They're perfect for my use.


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