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Merrell Hollyleaf are the super lightweight sandals which will give you feet stunning comfort and eye-catching looks this season. These sandals can be used indoor as well as outdoor. They have been made from the same materials which are found in the athletic shoes to give you same level of comfort. They have the women specific construction which gives them ability to take excellent care of delicate women feet. The upper is made from the nubuck leather and nuform combination and it has the styling with the braided strap and mesh. The upper is durable, eye-catching and it molds as per the shape of your feet. The upper also allows breathability to keep your feet cool and fresh all the time. The slip on construction and the single toe wrap enables you easy on and off wearing and perfect fit. The lining is made from the mesh fabric which has the treatment of the Aegis antimicrobial solution. This lining enables the fresh and cool air from the outside to get into the shoes to keep the interior fresh. The lining also draws away the moisture from the feet to keep them odorless, dry, healthy and free from bacteria. The midsole is made from the Qfoam which is designed particularly for the sensitive women feet to give them additional comfort. The midsole has the EVA used in its construction as well and it has the air cushion technology in the heel which provides shocks absorption to deliver supreme comfort. The outsole is made from the sticky rubber which provides traction on various surfaces and it also provides flexibility and easy ride. These shoes weight just 6 ounces as per size 8 which is very lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: Scarlet, Bracken and Black.






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Style Reviews

I actually use these to work in. I'm a nurse and on my feet all day. I suffer from tendonitis in my achilles and use heel cups in my other tennis shoes. With these Merrells, I do not need to use them!! They feel great and my feet do not hurt at the end of a long day. I would recommend them to anyone!
I walk just about everyday for and hour. The best thing is I do not have any problems at all wearing and walking. They were comfortable right out of box. They are by far I think the most comfortable sneaker I have owned and I really like the look. More hiking boot type then the sneaker look. I would highly recommend it and I have to friends.
I bought this shoe for a European vacation. I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking and needed something super comfortable. I was not disappointed. I walked miles in these shoes including along cobblestone streets, around town and light hiking through woods and up rocky hills. I have no complaints. My only complaint is that they run small. I eventually had to get them a full size larger than I normally wear. I HIGHLY recommend this shoe.
I had purchased the identical shoe about a year ago and because they had become my "very most favorite" shoes, I had worn them long and hard. I had to order a new pair as a result. These shoes are so comfortable, give great support, and have enough stretch that my bunion is not in pain. I have found them to be a good shoe for summer with enough leather strips to give the shoe stability, yet cool on hot days. Well worth the money!
I love the looks of this shoe, but the first pair felt too short (I normally wear an 8 med.) so my older sister bought the shoes from me and I ordered them in an 8 1/2, only to find out that they also felt too short and the left shoe rubbed below my big toe. I tried to put tape on the spot and see if I could "break them in", and I also loosened up the laces as much as I could and still keep them on my feet, but after wearing them about 8 times they still were uncomfortable. so I gave the shoes to my younger sister who wears a 7 1/2 and they fit her perfectly!
My last walking shoes caused me to lose two toe nails, my other big toe is purple, I still might lose it. I thought I died and went to heaven when I bought these shoes. No break in period at all I can walk the mall for hours in these with no problem. They are so cute & very different than the regular white athletic shoes, that I don't like. I had to buy them a whole size bigger, because I wear orthotics. Right now I am looking at other Merrell shoes, because they're the ticket to comfort, and that is so important. Get them, you won't be sorry, believe me.


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