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Merrell Siren Sport Drizzle Chardonnay Shoes


Here is one of the oldest women's style offered by Merrell, If you want to buy it in drizzle chardonnay color, then its recommended to visit our featured merchant who offer best prices for all products for this particular brand and ships at your doorstep without any shipping cost. Try out today:



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Style Reviews


Shelly from Dryden, NY

Having very thin feet makes it difficult for me to find athletic shoes (or any shoe) that fit well. These shoes however, are great! They fit my almost 5A feet snugly enough that the break-in period was about an hour. They also handle the hiking trails in Central NY well.

Sharon from Australia

I chose these shoes to travel throughout Asia in. I found that they were hardwearing in the sole and upper materials however within a matter of 3 weeks (daily wear) the cushioning around the ankle had entirely disappeared. The heel cup in these is far too high to wear with even the slimmer's of orthotics. Disappointing as they are otherwise a great shoe. I also found that these were very firm across the foot around the level of the little toe. (I have an average/narrow foot).

Soles from Danville, Va

I'm an O.R. nurse, we're on our feet all day. These shoes provide the comfort and support I need to get through the day. I feel so relaxed and comfortable with the "way a woman walks " technology. I love that I don't pronate and run my shoes over. LOVE this product!!!

Iowa teacher from Bettendorf, IA

OMG! I wore this the first day and didn't want to take them off at 11 p.m. I have an overlapping toe, orthotics, painful heels if I am not careful, and high arches. I bought them because my daughter has gone through 3 pairs due to loving them. I bought them to wear with jeans on casual occasions. The 8 1/2 was short (my size) so I exchanged easily for the size 9.

54 and looking good! from Graham,TX

I have very picky feet. I am always leery of ordering shoes online. I purchased these to take on a trip and we will be doing a lot of walking. They really did fit right out of the box and are comfortable right out of the box. I wear an 8 in casual/dress shoes and a 9 in my running shoes. [...] 8.5. PERFECT. They don't look so bulky as an athletic shoe usually does. Will not worry about wearing these with Very casual dresses, skorts, etc. Can even wear them to teach in!

Jen from Los Angeles, CA

I bought this shoes based on it's brand and appearance. I wear this shoes for walking, hiking, and traveling abroad. It gets dirty very easy and lost it's original appearance completely. My arch also hurts after some distance hike/walk. I plan to purchase another brand shoes instead.

Cheryl from Proctorsville VT

Love the design of the shoe one seems to fit a bit smaller than the other though ,on the right foot. very light weight however , I might like it a little heavier because that's what I am use too .I walk on my Treadmill everyday. the right one seems to bother me a little though, appears tighter at the top by the toe


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