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Merrell Siren Sport Cocoa Shoes


Here is one of the oldest women's style offered by Merrell, If you want to buy it in Cocoa color, then its recommended to visit our featured merchant who offer best prices for all products for this particular brand and ships at your doorstep without any shipping cost. Try out today:



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Style Reviews


Elsie from Gillette, WY

These are the shoes I always end up wearing...I love shoes so have many to choose from. I can wear these all day without foot fatigue. Haven't washed them yet so am unsure how they will survive that but clean up well with a wet cloth and shoe brush.

Cheeta from West coast

I would have given this shoe a 5 stars but they just are not good for orthodics:( With arch supports they raise the heal to high and my heal slips when walking:( also, the plastic loops that you pull your laces threw are slippery and you can't get a good tight fit. Plus those loops do not allow the laces to go back threw again( which allows the heal to stay on better) I love how the laces go across the whole shoe:) I wish I could wear this shoe:(

Glo from Ct.

Absoutely love these shoes. Use them for work and play. My feet are on the wide side and I had no problem with these. I've had them for a few years and I'm thinking about getting a new pair. Bought the elephant and pink .... love the color. not sure if the new pair will be the same or black :)

Joanne the Traveler from Bradenton, FL

Since I bought the black, it dresses it up a little and I feel I can wear it for dress up casual if needed. They don't make my feet look clunky like some walking shoes do. I just went up a couple of sizes lately (arthritis?), so I can't say too much one way or another about the size. I could have bought the Goretex version, but didn't think it was worth the difference in price.

JDob from CT

I where these shoes everyday for the most part, almost 1 year later and they're still in amazing shape. They are the most comfortable shoes that I own and will be the only brand that I buy from now on. They were bought for me as a present by my step-grandmother.

Yoga Girl from Phoenix. AZ

The toe box on the 5.5 seemed tight out of the box so I re-ordered a 6.0. Now that I've had them for a couple of weeks I'm not sure if that was necessary. I use these for dog agility which has lots of cornering with quick stops and starts. I competed this weekend and the traction was excellent on grass. I'll let you know how they hold up.

Shawnee from Portage, MI

Delivery was exceptional. Customer service, on-line chat about exchange with Tiffany P. was very customer oriented. At first she said she could not exchange them because I had worn them outside. I thought to myself, "How else will I know if they work for me or not?" We exchanged thoughts and she let me exchange just this one time and I now know the exchange policy. I was very pleased with the outcome and was not trying to pull any "fast ones," you know people who purchase, use and send back. Not me. Thanks so much and I will recommend your products.


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