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Merrell Siren Sport Brindle Dusty Oil Nubuck Shoes


Here is one of the oldest women's style offered by Merrell, If you want to buy it in brindle dusty oil nubuck color, then its recommended to visit our featured merchant who offer best prices for all products for this particular brand and ships at your doorstep without any shipping cost. Try out today:



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Style Reviews


Doggymom from Baton Rouge, LA

I have had several pair of Merrells and these are just as great as the rest. The only complaint I have about this shoe is that the hook that holds the shoelace at the top will cut you if you aren't careful. But overall a wonderful shoe.

Shae from Ocala, FL

I walk a lot, 45 min to 1 hour every day. I love this shoe as it is a perfect fit. It does seem that it lasts only about 6 months, and then the structure seems to break down; however, maybe that's how all shoes are nowadays.

Red78 from Cleveland, OH

I bought these for my trip to Italy. They did not need a "break-in" period at all...they were comfortable right out of the box. Towards the end of my trip I felt like they were rubbing a little on my pinkie toe, but that was after 10 days of walking and it never developed into a blister. I recommend these shoes for hiking, walking, sigh-seeing!

Eyedoc from Mt Hood, OR

Love the comfort and gortex. Live in wet Oregon on the Mt. My first pair finally wore out cause I was up roofing in them. Fabric didn't hold up well on comp shingles. VERY good color choices. Bought another pair for me and for my college age very active daughter.

Diane from Mukwonago, Wi

I've own numerous pairs of Merrell shoes over the years...and have loved every single pair. They fit awesome. They're very durable. And, they're always comfortable from the first time that they're on your feet. In the work that I do, I am often standing/walking for long stretches of time and my Merrell's have never once let me down. Awesome shoes....keep up the go work.

Jenny girl from Fayetteville, AR

I'm always on the look for cute hiking shoes. So many are such bland colors. I saw these in the Merrell store in San Francisco but they were sold out. They are the perfect combo of colors. I plan on wearing them to work( I am a high school art teacher) as well as hiking the Ozarks in them this fall.

Susan from Florida

I have high arches, so I added an insert because I felt that I wasn't getting the support I needed since I'm on my feet all day at work. Other than that, this is a very comfortable shoe for work or walking. At first it felt a little snug, but it gave just enough to give me a true to size fit. I choose the dark blue and it looks great.


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